New computer and Blogger's Union  

Yes, I've had computer issues. So, I have a new computer now. It's not the kind I wanted, but it will do for now.

At Yearlykos, I was able to participate in a discussion group geared toward establishing a bloggers union.

The discussion was very interesting. Ashley Heher got most of the story correct in her AP story. Of course, there were no conservative bloggers there, so that part of the story where it feels like a discussion with them, well, that never happened. What did happen is the idea of having a "union bug" much like the printers union for blog sites as well as developing a group to present to the writers union as a way to help bloggers across the blogosphere to obtain health insurance.

I know a number of bloggers who are married to someone who is self employed. They have to work to carry the health insurance, but if they could get health insurance through a bloggers union, they could be stay at home moms and dads.

There was a lot of discussion at this session about political bloggers banding together to form a union. It was interesting, however, a bloggers union can only work if we also work across lines. Entertainment and sports bloggers are just as critical as are knitters, conservatives and erotic writers. If we're all blogging, then we should all have the ability to join the union. I do have to say I wonder if blogs like The spanking blog (don't click the link unless you're at least 18 years old) will even be interested or how the larger blogger community feels about these kinds of blogs in a bloggers union. Me, I think the more the merrier.

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