The Silence is Deafening  

I have been reviewing and looking for any lefty sites that have called out Colbert or Stewart on their scabbiness. It's been silent. Completely and utterly silent.

Faboomama has a new post up on this and she's come to the same conclusion.

You self-described progressive. You who are so positive that you’re on the right side of everything. All the time. I’ve noticed the deafening silence on your pop culture heroes crossing picket lines to make you giggle. That’s right, I’m talking about the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. In the past year, I’ve watched the liberal blogosphere rally around boycotting entire stations like Fox and ABC over their biased “reporting”, yet I’ve heard nary a peep regarding a boycott of what are clearly strikebreakers. There’s no confusion about this: Both shows have crossed picket lines to go back on air.

In a search for “daily show boycott” I came across 3 left-leaning sites where a boycott was mentioned


I did a similar search to that of Faboomama

On January 9th, Bill in Portland Maine on Dailykos, front paged his Cheers and Jeers to say:

CHEERS to happy returns. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert showed up on Comedy Central after a 10-week hiatus. But something was missing. Can't quite put my finger on it. I'll email some of my writer friends and see if they can help me.

Bill, I get you're trying to be funny, but cheering the return to the air of a scab shows just how incredibly out of touch you are.

I've already spoken about Christy Hardin-Smith's ridiculous "their different cause I say so" argument, so let's try some other ones…how about Mydd and Openleft?

Mydd's search doesn't seem to work for me. In a review of 3 days of front page stories, nothing. Nada.

Openleft? Well, they do have Colbert diaries, but nothing since November. Huh? Scabs went back on the air on January 7th. No front page asking "why"?

Pandagon? Nope, more nothing.

What about Unbossed, nope, more air. Or, maybe Digby? Nope, again.

I did check out Huffington Post and found PRO-Colbert articles (huh?) like these:

Colbert's Civil Rights MLK Day Writer's Strike-Busting Writerless Show — In Song

¡Ay Caramba! Colbert Interviews Lou Dobbs As Spanish Self — Con Cerca!

Also on HP are pieces from Steve Young which I've excerpted from in previous posts.

So, Lefty-sphere, when did it become "COOL" to cross picket lines and support those who do? In case you're searching for the answer, it's never. It's never okay to cross a picket line. It isn't cool and it isn't funny. It shouldn't even have to be said, DON'T WATCH. It's really that simple.

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