And on a Lighter Note...  

A union worker was fired for being a racist ass for placing a "joke" noose in a breakroom at Nationals Stadium, still under construction.

I don't think it's possible to make a light note out of this.

Unions have done so much to put an end to this ridiculousness and here you go again, another fine example of asses who seem to think death threats are acceptable.

And one more note for this ass who's now been fired, do you have any idea that they tied nooses around union organizers up until the 50's? Maybe the people who should most hear about union history are a few union workers who just don't fucking get it!!

So, some context from the artile in the Post would probably be helpdul, huh?

Here's my favorite quote from the article:

"This type of conduct, whether intended as a joke or not, will not be tolerated. These actions take away from the otherwise positive and productive environment that exists at the project site," said Gregory A. O'Dell, the sports commission's chief executive.

The incident came less than two months after five African American electricians said they had been fired after a Truland worker made what they believed were racially derogatory remarks about them.

The electricians worked for City General, a subcontractor for Truland. They filed a formal complaint with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 26.

I'm so proud that they filed this complaint with the local. I need to drop the local a line and see what is going to happen from here on out. In case many of you do't know, when union trades are out of work, some construction companies will contact the local for specific workers. If you aren't working, you can contact the IBEW and put in for jobs through the local. My hope is that this jack-ass is able to get fewer jobs. I'd also like to see him get some sensitivity training and a big 'ole helping of union history to boot. They use race, gender and fear to divide us. Why on Earth would you ever allow them to win on that front? Why?

Oh and just to be clear, there's contact info for the local as well. When I hear something from them, I'll post it.

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