So, I went to Ohio...  

seems as if it should be a punch line in a joke..."and then she said, so I went to Ohio." Ha Ha Ha

Actually, it's what I'm really doing right now; I'm in Ohio. I got to hear about my 20 year high school reunion. I found out that although I've been to the last 2 other reunions, they still don't seem to know how to contact me. Oddly enough, it's the same e-mail address that I've had for more than 10 years (goddess, I'm old) AND my mother still works at the same restaurant that she's worked at since I was 4, and everyone knows it. It's a small town, we all know each other's business.

Take for instance, my classmates:

Dawn Picken
Katherine Ricker (aka, the mighty kat)
James Kist (his mom's the vice chair of council)
Jenny Barnett crafting and music. Other than she and Dawn thinking I needed to go live in Russia (BTW, at the time it was the Soviet Union and no, I had no problem correcting them), I don't really have anything to say about either, well, except that I know them.

There was JP Ducro he didn't have much of a choice for a career. I think he was always going into the family business. Just like Jerry Slay.
It's harder to look up the girls, so many changed their names due to marriage and in my case, divorce (at least I dropped him AND his name!).

But with all of these people and all of our histories and all the years, the thing that's the most interesting to me now is that we're still small town kids. Many still live in town, many, like me do not. Many of us have kids, are married, divorced or came out of the closet. Some are single by choice others are single in general, but still, we're all small town kids who've grown up.

I suppose the most intriguing aspect of this now to me is how many are also their parents' children. How many hate unions, are Republican, hate politics or are simply just trying to get by in today's world. How many are scraping by, how many are poor, in jail or are now dead.

It's been 20 years and although there is more information on the web about me than I'd care to see, I have found that it's difficult to find info about most of my other classmates. I figure it's because we're all still small town kids. And when you grow up in a small town, everyone knows your business already, why would you want strangers to know all your business, too?

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