No Update yet on Safeway and Giant Negotiations  

Andy Richards from the UnionCity e-zine provides the stroy below and he also took the picture of my daughter as she spoke to neighbors at our local Safeway on M street SW on the DC Waterfront.

More from Andy and the DCLabor Council:

SUPERMARKET WORKER CONTRACT UPDATE: As of press-time Friday, UFCW Local 400 was reporting “Some progress” in contract talks, “although significant hurdles still exist in order to reach a fair settlement.”

Keep an eye on our website all weekend for latest updates on this struggle!

Friday morning, a group of prominent ministers called on Giant and Safeway to share their success with the employees and communities that make them profitable and announced that they will actively support 23,000 area workers in their negotiations for a new contract with the supermarket chains. “This is a matter of simple justice,” said Rev. Dr. Morris Shearin, pastor of Israel Baptist Church, first vice president of the Washington, D.C., NAACP and a member of the board of the national NAACP. “If Safeway and Giant want to take profits out of our community, they must do right by our community. That means providing their employees with a living wage, good health coverage and pension benefits that empower them to achieve financial independence and give them the purchasing power to boost our local economy. It means providing the staffing to ensure good customer service. It means treating them with dignity and respect.” Click here to email Safeway & Giant management, download worker suppord cards, flyers & more!


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