United We BARGAIN, Divided We BEG  

I found this on the Detroit Craigslist. I need to read more. I just always forget about the forum on that site.

a Question to the American Axle basher(s)

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Date: 2008-03-27, 11:26AM EDT

I could not agree with you more.Thank you for a very well thought,well written post.

a Question to the American Axle basher(s)
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Date: 2008-03-27, 10:57AM EDT

I'm just wondering What would your reaction be if YOUR boss approached you and said, "I am going to cut your pay by 60%. Because of MY excessive salary, benifits, and bonuses, plus MY ineptitude, the company is experiencing finacial problems and we cannot afford to pay YOU -the guy who does the work- a living wage. Not only am I going to ruin your life by cutting your wages to a third of what they are now but in 3 months I am going to issue myself a bonus of about 3 million dollars for saving the company money".

Okay, so maybe that is a little extreme. Although management doesn't say those exact words it is what's happening.

Honestly, why does an American CEO deserve a compansation package of 10 million and more?

What does Ford's CEO do that he warrents $39MILLION a year PLUS BONUSES?

Isn't this insane?

How many of you reading this made more than $50K last year? It just IS NOT FAIR that the head of the company is going to make about 400 TIMES what you make.

Instead of attacking me and my fellow Union represented workers, you should be finding a way to join us, to become union members. IF you had the benifits and protection we have, you would probably be greatful instead of hateful.

United we Bargain, Divided we Beg.

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I think I may have said it as well, but not as clearly as this worker.


I headed over to Craigslist and found a few additional comments that I thought readers might like to see:

From a non-union worker

From someone asking why Dauch can make $10 million and ask for 60% reduction in income from hourly workers

Or this one from someone who knows how this strike affects all of us:
Suppose American Axle workers give in and their wages are chopped in half. Those of you rooting for corporations win. Yaay! Now your wages come become the next target. There is nothing to justify paying you a high wage because you have nothing to compare your worth to. Prices keep rising and wages keep falling. CEOs keep paying themselves millions and the workers keep getting the shaft.

I highly recommend reading both the pro and anti American Axle worker stuff on the Detroit Craigslist site. There has been an interesting discussion over there.


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