A Bit of Good News From American Airlines  

I hate flying because I’m a geek. Yep, it’s true, geeky to the core. I’m so geeky, my kid makes fun of me by asking me obscure questions about history, politics and math just to show I know way more than a 14 year old. Okay, then she also throws in questions about the current chart toppers or what movie opened on Friday, which I never get right, ever.

So, the geek in me is so excited and will likely look to fly American in the coming year just because of this news:

American, which has equipped all 15 of its Boeing 767-200 planes for Internet access, plans a broader test of the service within a few weeks, the Star-Telegram said.
The airline says it will charge passengers $12.95 to use Gogo on flights lasting longer than three hours and $9.95 for shorter trips.

Wifi while flying? Way to go American. And here, you thought I only had mean things to say about you and your labor practices. Well, I’m here to say that when you do something right for the Geek in me, I’ll totally share!!

So, way to Go American Airlines!! Thanks UPI for breaking the story!!

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