Steelworkers Protest Unfair Trade at the Import Safety Summit!!  

So, I have been at a work event all week and unable to read anything much less post. So, today, for lunch, I decided I'd troll the tubes and re-educate myself, and that's when I ran across a posting on Dailykos:

There, in this street theater production, the puppet attempted to confront corporate lobbyists, CEOs and Bush administration officials meeting at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. "Toxic Trader" wanted to eliminate trade barriers and implement voluntary standards for safety instead of instituting government inspections for consumer protection against unsafe imports. But union supporters dressed as the red-caped "Toxic Avengers," saved the day.

Later, steelworkers also dropped a huge banner inside the hotel as the Import Safety Summit completed, announcing to the participants “Unfair Trade Kills.” These victims have included a four-year-old boy who died after swallowing a lead pendant that came on his shoe, 81 patients who succumbed after using contaminated heparin blood thinner imported from Chinese manufacturers, and two Philadelphia carpenters who died in a car crash caused by defective imported tires.

These deaths are detailed in a report issued yesterday called “The Toxic Truth: Unfair Trade Kills,” available at

Damn, wish I'd been there. And right now, I'm really wishing I had links to pictures of this to post!!

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