Veterans and Unions  

Just got an e-mail from a friend at the AFL-CIO and I wanted to share:

Hi, All:

We launched the AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council today, made up of members from multiple unions who are taking part in roundtables with union vets around the nation today. They will continue to get out the message throughout the election season that there's a big difference between McCain's war record and the anti-working family policies he'd pursue as president.

Jim Wasser, an IBEW member and union vet, is featured in a TV ad we're running in select communities.

More than 2.1 million union members are military veterans--and we all need to reach out to them and get out the word on the Real McCain.

We have a post at Firedoglake.

and lots of info, including the TV ad and fliers on where Obama and McCain stand on vets issues, here:

Hope you can spread the word to your union members who are military veterans.

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