The Chamber of Commerce, Sticking it to Small Business Owner  

I found this piece on Dailykos.

Seems that some 100 or so Chamber of Commerce staff recently ran up an $8,204
at The Exchange, a sports bar within staggering distance from the Chamber's
architecturally ever-so ponderous Washington, D.C., headquarters. The tab
included 155 pitchers of beer, 37 bottles of beer, 208 mixed drinks, 111 shots,
43 margaritas and 11 open bottles of liquor.

But the kicker was from the Politico piece:

Chamber COO David Chavern sent out an email chiding the partiers for their spending spree."

Fundamentally, this shows a lack of responsibility on a number of people’s part including Chamber personnel and management at The Exchange,” Chavern wrote in an e-mail to more 50 employees, including softball players and top managers. ”I will have to reevaluate a post-Chamber Bowl celebration next year.”


Party-goers put some of the blame on the bar, saying that the waiters who served them had — among other things – slapped an 18 percent gratuity on the bill.

Sweet, huh? Wait staff shouldn't be tipped. Is that the new Chamber mantra, pay all employees a fair wage and end tipping?

Well, their war on tipping at the exchange didn't stop by just bemoaning the cost of their binge, they went further by sending out this little ditty in that e-mail about the excesses of staff members:

In his e-mail, Chavern asked staffers to contact The Exchange to say that the Chamber will not be patronizing the establishment for the foreseeable future.

And now, I'm all warm and fuzzy inside and it has nothing to do with liquor. I look at it this way, not only does the Chamber hate workers and thier union representation, apparently, they also hate and try to screw local small business owners. Way to go Chamber!!

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