Hospital Blocks California Nurses Association Web Access  

I'm at my high school reunion this weekend. Last night, we were hanging out at Laurello with old classmates who are now living all over the country. We talk about the usual, how'd you meet your spouse, where you working, how many kids, it's about time you came out the closet, you've been divorced how long, who you voting for in November? You know, catch up stuff.

Among the questions last night was a new one I didn't know about before...What's your website. I'm always happy to share...Uniongal. Even bought my URL this year (reminds me I need to work on the migration to the uniongal URL). So as we talked a little about my unionst activities, something interesting happened, one of my nursing friends told me that the University Hospital System blocks CNA. Recently at work, I discovered that Huffington Post has been blocked, so hearing about the blocking of CNA, has me thinking about preserving access to information.

On a company computer, I do believe that it is important to limit some access to some sites. For instance, porn. Employees, unless it's their job, should not be accessing porn from work. Likewise, employees should have access to say the Detroit Free Paper or maybe the Washington Post, or say, Huffington Post. What's offensive or unproductive about Huffington Post?

So, I get the reasons, but I'm not sure what the reason is for University Hospitals blocking of CNA. You see, CNA's site does more than just try to organize nurses, they also provide vital information on continuing education, information for new RNs, they even produced Registered Nurse Magazine. There's a wealth of information on that site other than just organizing information. But I suppose if you want to keep your nurses without access to continuing education information and nursing publications then this makes sense. After all, these darn nurses are really just trying to form a union, and that is clearly NOT what University Hospitals wants and that is really all that fucking matters to the University Hospitals.

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