Patrick Mara: Anti-Union = Good Republican  

The Washington CityPaper has the money quote:

Mara cited the chamber and Board of Trade nods as further proof of his Republican bona fides, pointing out, “She’s endorsed by SEIU and the AFL-CIO. That just kind of says how we stand on these issues.…That certainly says something to Republican voters.”

Gee, Mara hate workers much? Does this also mean that you hate Republican workers? Really Mara, is that what you’re saying here about the AFL-CIO and SEIU endorsements of Schwartz? If so, I suppose that really is the difference between the two of you. Or as Schwartz put it:

I am a balancer of interests, always have and always will be,” she says, “and I’m very proud of that.”

Eh, I don’t buy her argument, but I’d rather have a moderate republican who cares about all the rest of us than a guy who seems to only care about the Chamber of Commerce.

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