Uniongal Tweets, Do you?  

Wow, simply, wow:

How will the company react when an employee twitters that she is “organizing a union” or “complaining to her buddies about all that overtime”? Would a twitterite ever be so frank or uncool?

I tweet at home, not at work. But this guy on corporate law issues seems to be more worried about union forming than actual communication which is what twitter makes possible. In fact, what he fails to see is that when using Twitter or IM, employees are able to free up the e-mail server so that employees aren’t all e-mailing each other all the time with jokes or chain letters, etc… Twitter makes it easy to communicate, period. What we communicate is another story. And Tweeting that you want to start a union, um, what exactly is wrong with that? Perhaps, if you worked in this guys office, all of you might be tweeting the same sort of theme about your need for a union.

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