WTU Responds, AGAIN!!!  

Got another response from WTU, AFT local 6 that I wanted to share. PS, this time, it's in the comments section, but it deserves front page billing:

Hi. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Candi Peterson. I am a WTU Board of Trustee member. I am also a WTU Building Representative for city-wide teachers and related service providers. I certainly invite DC teachers who are WTU members to take part in our union. As an elected leader, I welcome WTU union members to write me at my email @ saveourcounselors@gmail.com I will gladly forward your concerns and comments to members of our WTU Executive Board. Our WTU Executive Board meets twice monthly and WTU members are welcome to attend our meetings on the 2nd Saturday @ 9:00 am and on the 4th Thursdays @ 5:30 pm. Just notify Mr. Parker via email if you plan to attend and bring your union card.

Once school resumes, members should get in contact with their WTU Building Representatives which is an elected position within their schools. All Building Representatives post information about our monthly meetings as well as information about WTU events and updates on their WTU bulletin boards located in each school.

It is critical for all union members to stay in touch with their BR's and to first attend their own union meetings within their schools. WTU union members can also attend our monthly meetings which will be announced when we return. Feel free to listen for weekly robo calls and information sent out to your email address by the WTU. If WTU doesn't have your personal contact information, take the steps to make sure that they do.

Again, as a WTU Board of Trustee member, and Building Representative- feel free to email me and I have no problem ensuring that your concerns also get to our elected WTU Excutive Board members. Please feel free to check out my website to save DC school counselor positions in all DC elementary schools @ http://www.saveourcounselors.org

Thanks and welcome Aboard.
Candi Peterson
WTU Board of Trustees/Building Representative

Yeah WTU for stepping up to the plate!! Communication is a two way street, hope a few more travel down the street the way WTU is right now.

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