IUOE Endorses....  


Apparently, the entire union, just not local 18 in Cleveland, Ohio.

You know, you can tell Sink how you feel about this.

Here's the announcement:

Operating Engineers Endorse Obama
By Kate A. - Sep 9th, 2008 at 2:44 pm EDT
Also listed in: Labor for Obama

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The 410,000-member International Union of Operating Engineers today endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president. The endorsement came following a survey conducted by the International Union of its more than 100 local unions throughout the U.S., which overwhelmingly supported the Obama candidacy.

In announcing the endorsement, IUOE General President Vincent J. Giblin said:

From the perspective of the Operating Engineers, Barack Obama always has supported and is committed as president to promoting good-paying jobs for our members through strong federal investment in infrastructure projects; he is committed to protecting Davis-Bacon prevailing wage legislation, which also creates good-paying jobs for our members and levels the playing field for union contractors; he is committed to energy policies that encourage conservation and efficiency, and modernizing our energy infrastructure; he promises to continue tax breaks for employers who provide health care benefits for their workers, which is the foundation of our IUOE health & welfare funds that provide our members and their families excellent health care benefits.

The Obama-Biden ticket offers America‟s workers hope for needed relief from the ruinous economic policies of the Bush Administration over the past eight years that have produced massive job losses, unacceptable unemployment, stagnant wages, outrageous gas prices, record home foreclosures, constantly rising medical costs, and disastrous trade and budget deficits.

These locals have more, including the full letter:

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