Local 18 What Are You Thinking?  

You let McSame use you as a backdrop in Ohio while he spoke about the economy?

And you did this so that you could FUCKIN' ENDORSE McSame?

Did you miss what your brothers and sisters in local 317 said about McSame's record? You know this kind of stuff:

In 1996, Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (R-Kansas) promised the extremist National Right-to-Work Committee a vote on legislation establishing a federal right-to-work (for less) law. The bill would have repealed the section of the National Labor Relations Act that allows states to determine their own laws on union security agreements and replaced it with a federal mandate banning such agreements. Senator McCain voted to support a National Right-to-Work Law.

Did you notice how McCain VOTED to limit unions? Come on Patrick Sink, did you notice by any chance that's what he does? Perhaps the IAFF can tell you about that history.

So, anyone reading this thinking that it's okay to do this, think again. If you want to kill the labor movement, voting for McSame is what to do.

BTW, in case you didn't know, these are the officers of Local 18:

Patrick L. Sink Business Manager
Kenneth M. Triplett President
Floyd S. Jeffries Vice President
Mark A. Totman Recording-Corresponding Secretary
Steve D. DeLong Financial Secretary
Premo P. Panzarello Treasurer
Richard E. Dalton Trustee
Timothy D. Hammock Trustee
Gary Siesel Trustee
Gregory A. Kingsbury Auditor
Jeffrey A. Milum Auditor
Steve M. DiLoreto Auditor
Scott B. Peters Conductor
Louis E. Monnin Guard

Again, What The Fuck Were You Thinking? He's against BARGAINING RIGHTS for Firefighters, Against Employee Free Choice Act, wants to tax your benefits and on every single issue important to the local he trashes you.

Oh and seriously, since McCain said you've endorsed him, IUOE local 18, put it up on your site. Oh and thanks for selling out your brothers and sisters in labor. Clearly, SOLIDARITY means nothing to you guys. I'll remember that when you're locked out or on strike.

Local 18, be ashamed, be very ashamed.

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