Let Them Eat Cake  

I see this video and I think of all the workers who were brought into the areas ravaged by Katrina and how so many were not paid, forced to live in conditions worse than where they were shipped in from and the kind of work they did, with no protection...look at the devastation, see the faces and know that when McSame even bothered to show up, stay awake and vote, he voted party line, the entire time...

But as I watched the video and was frustrated, struck and angered, I also thought of how out of touch McCain is...

You see, the work that Indian workers were forced into "jobs" with promises of green cards or citizenship. Clearly, they were tricked then forced to work in conditions unfit for anyone to work, barely paid (when paid) and, well you should read up on it...

Over one hundred Indian workers rallied outside the White House Monday afternoon to demand an end to human trafficking and the exploitation of workers under guest worker programs. Workers met with Indian Ambassador Ronen Sen on Thursday to pressure him to hold their employer - Signal International - accountable for human trafficking and forcing the workers to work in slavery-like conditions (Indian Workers March on Embassy 3/28/08 UC).

Yesterday was Labor Day, and although I tried for two days to post this, I couldn't. I'd say someone was trying to stop me so this must be really important, but it was really just my connection as I'm on vacation with my kid.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day and all those affected by Gustav and soon to be affected by Hanna, please know that you are in our thoughts.

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  • mar-mar  
    3:11 PM

    Wow. Thank you for weaving together these seemingly disparate threads--the pattern of Republicans' utter, total, complete contempt for all people who aren't rich and powerful is undeniable and clear. Disgusting.

  • The Union Girl  
    4:52 PM

    Yep, he really is pretty disgusting.

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