McSame Mocks Workers, Redux  

Cindiloohoo has a video up on youtube that cross references the $50 an hour lettuce picking comments of McSame and the workers he mocked with that comment; construction workers. The video has examples of those jobs with the heat and kind of stuff you have to do.

I worked road crew in Ohio one summer. I dug trenches, got to spread hot asphalt, and generally worked as flagman when I wasn't working as the welder's assistant. It was hot, smelly and sweaty work, but the people I worked with were interesting, crazy, hard working, and all around fascinating. I can't imagine even one of them not being willing to work for $50 an hour picking lettuce in Yuma. For many of them, it would have been better than the kind of work they did on the roads in summer or in trucks plowing snow in winter.

McSame, you're such a jack ass. I'm pulling for a general recognition across this country of your recklessness, bad behavior and inability to comprehend what really means to put country first. The men and women you mocked and continue to mock put country first while you continue to put you first, just like your buddy, McBush.

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