Is really Sam the owner of a small business. A Registered Republican, Ohio tax evadered, not a licensed plumber (check for yourself), and oh yeah, NOT a UNION Plumber!

So, why is being a union plumber in Ohio important, because it's a closed shop state. That means that if you're going to be a plumber (most likely a steamfitter or pipefitter), you'll likely be working major construction projects (unless you're working for Roto-Rooter and many of them are also unionized workers) and yuo aren't doing that if you aren't a union member. You certainly aren't doing any local, state or fed projects.

SO, how do I know he's not a union member? I asked.

And who did I ask?

Tim Burga, Chief of Staff of the Ohio AFL-CIO and here's what Tim had to say:

"Joe is not a plumber he's a businessman. If we don't elect Barack Obama, the plumbing business and working families dreams will go down the drain."

'nuff said.

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