Oregon Senate Candidate Meets with Boeing Strikers  

I've been talking to the Merkley Campaign about the Boeing strike and what he's done or if he's met with the strikers. They had noted that they had met with the strikers but didn't take video or pictures of the event, because it was really meant for the strikers, those who most needed to be heard.

Yesterday, I asked on a thread over at DKos if Merkley had any pictures yet of his meetings with strikers, and he had, but outside of the picture they posted in the thread was this comment that brought tears to my eyes.

I'm on strike but I donated $64.60 to Merkley (9+ / 0-)

With the Boeing strike in it's 7th week, I only have $150 a week strike pay coming in but I've still sent Jeff Merkley a donation since the strike started. I was quite impressed after talking with Jeff during Netroots in Austin. Merkley is at the top of my list of must have gains for the Senate.

"...we love this country too much to let the next four years look like the last eight." - Barack Obama

by Lefty Coaster

$150 in strike funds per week after 7 weeks on strike and Lefty still donates $64.60? Damn, that says a lot to me about Merkley.

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