So, What 'Ya Doin' This Weekend?  

I'm planning to take my daughter to an event (sometimes, being a parent with the massive schedules can really be a bummer), however, if you're in Ashtabula this weekend, why not head over to the LiUNA hall on Rt. 20 and canvass Labor to Neighbor. Here's the info from the Ashtabula County AFL-CIO president Ray Gruber:

All: the Ashtabula County AFL-CIO will be walking Labor to Neighbor on Saturday, October 25th. We will be meeting at the Laborers Hall, Local 245 in North Kingsville. The hours will be between 11:00a.m. till 1:30p.m. Local 245 is located on Rt. 20 East, just 2 ½ miles east of the Ashtabula Mall. Starting October 31st thru November 4th (what a day that will be) we will be conducting the Get Out The Vote process.

I'll be doing Labor Get-Out-The-Vote the weekend of the 31st. If you're in town, feel free to drop me a line!!

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