Some DC Unions Endorse Anti-Union Candidate  

I've been following the DC council race lately primarily due to the ubber anti-worker Patrick Mara ousting the moderate Carol Schwartz. But now it's time for the top 2 candidates in the race to actually win DC council seats and the options are young, talented and pro-union Mark Long or anti-union check-bouncing Michael Brown. From the DC Union City news

LABOR IN THE NEWS: DC Unions Throw Support Behind DC City Council Candidate Michael Brown: Labor unions joined DC City Council At-Large candidate Michael Brown outside his headquarters last week to throw their support behind his campaign, reported Nikita Stewart on the Washington Post website Thursday. Representatives from the SEIU MD/DC State Council, SEIU Local 722, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters, AFSCME locals and the Washington DC Building and Trades Council turned out for the event, Stewart reported. The Metro Council has endorsed DC Councilmember Kwame Brown for the first At-Large seat but has taken no position on the second seat. Other Metro Council endorsements include: DC City Council: Jack Evans (Ward 2), Muriel Bowser (Ward 4), Yvette Alexander (Ward 7) and Marion Barry (Ward 8); DC Congressional Delegate: Eleanor Holmes Norton; Shadow Senator: Paul Strauss.

AFSCME, Washington DC Building and Trades Council, Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters, and SEIU local 722, what the fuck are you thinking? Read this guys lit which contains no union bug. It's like reading something straight out of the DC Chamber of Commerce.

Brown is no friend to working men and women of the district much less those represented by local trade unions. A vote for Brown and endorsement of him is a slap in the face of every hard working man and women in this city and it's shameful that you're taking this low road in endorsing someone who wants to increase the number of DC residents who get construction jobs for major projects but mentions nothing about partnering with local union apprenticeship programs to actually train these men and women for jobs in the trades.

Right now, Uniongal is leaning toward endorsing Mark Long. So far, he's the only one out there (besides Schwartz) with a union bug on his lit and posters. Now, we just need to take a much more focused review of what he hopes to accomplish in Council and make a final endorsement this weekend. Anyone have any feelings one way or another on this issue?


The new signs up for Mr. Brown have a union bug. I will update this when I've received or seen his new materials.

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