UMW Stumping for Obama/Biden in West Virginia  

I love stories like this one from Carnacki over at Dailykos:

Number of miles traveled roundtrip from Martinsburg, West Virginia to Charleston, West Virginia to join the Tour for Change: 632

Number of hours spent driving in a beatup old pickup truck: 12

Cost of gas: Tearworthy

Number of rallies following John F. Kennedy's historic 1960 tour: 8

Number of hours spent on the bus for the Tour for Change: 16

Number of times UMWA President Cecil Roberts shouted "George Bush, John McCain, One and the Same": 45*

Watching West Virginians come together to support Barack Obama: Priceless.

seriously, you just gotta love it!!

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  • WVBlue  
    9:10 PM

    I posted the astericks with Cecil Roberts and meant to put "estimated" some where at the end of the diary and forgot. I can't walk out of a room without forgetting why I did so. ;)


  • WVBlue  
    9:11 PM

    Oh and glad you liked it. I meant to put that in my first comment too. See what I mean.

  • The Union Girl  
    10:06 PM

    wow, I didn't realize you read Uniongal. It's pretty darn cool.

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