Rhee's on a Teacher Hunt  

And she's found her prey, DC Public School teachers that she thinks are "ineffective"

Among the measures Rhee plans to impose are a new teacher evaluation system based primarily on student test scores and other achievement benchmarks. She also promised more aggressive implementation of legal provisions already in place, including the ability to eliminate teacher jobs -- because of declining enrollment or school closures -- using seniority as only one of several factors taken into consideration.

Rhee said she intended to more intensively use the so-called "90-day plan" that allows administrators to give teachers three months' notice to improve or face dismissal.

The Post seems to think, as does Rhee, that poor performance means bad teaching. I could remind you all about my daughter's experiences in DCPS, or how there's a teacher shortage in the District with hundreds of jobs STILL unfilled after 5 weeks , or that Rhee continues to provide no information about WHAT will be used to measure performance, or that this isn't just completely arbitrary, but, that's just me. I'm just one voice against the Anti-union steam roller that is Fenty-Rhee.

The issue here for teachers and students isn't teacher performance, it's student performance. And until Fenty gets his act together and makes sure that all the other services that parents need are there, we're going to be empowering Rhee to hunt teachers at our kids expense.

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