Dick Armey, Your Poor Wife....  

There jsut aren't words for this jack ass.


Oh, wait, I have a word, but I don't want to "prattle" on, you know, like women do. Prick. Total. Absolute. Prick.

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  • Jeffrey  
    9:11 AM

    You know, I'm really sorry Joan Walsh had to put up with this - not that she seems to need my pity, she did great here - and as much as it angers and saddens me how much assholes just like Dick Armey have dummed-down political debate and thought in the States - a part of me is amazed and joyful that I have the chance to continue to watch the right-wing ideology that has ruled the land in my home country for most of my lifetime go through such enormous growing pains. I feel like a genuine sadist, I'm enjoying it so much...

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