Employee Free Choice Act Rally!!  

From UnionCity:

HARKIN, MILLER & STEELWORKERS SET FOR FREE CHOICE RALLY WEDNESDAY: Senator Tom Harkin (D., IA) and Representative George Miller (D., CA) - the Members of Congress who will be leading the fight to pass the Employee Free Choice Act in the Senate and House - have been confirmed for Wednesday’s Capitol Hill mid-day rally supporting the Act. They'll be joining 1,500 Steelworkers - in town for a legislative conference - and hundreds of local activists.

If you're in DC and want to do something big with your lunch time, I suggest a rally on Capitol Hill. And this has the added bonus of being scheduled the same day as a lobbying day for the National Association of Manufacturers (and no, I won't link to NAM):

We have good news to report – we have secured an opening address by the House Republican Whip Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA-7). At the same time, we have just learned that Senate Democratic Caucus has called for a one-day policy issue retreat on the exact same day as our fly-in. We are hesitant to postpone our fly-in as it is tops on our policy agenda and we also recognize that many of you have already secured your travel arrangements. But we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that the majority of our meetings were focused on Senate Democrats and these will now have to be scheduled at a future date. We do have, however, planned to arrange meetings for those of you in attendance with targeted Republican and Democrat members of the House.

Recognizing that many of you may still be willing to come to town on February 4th, we want you to know that we will make every effort to secure lobbying visits for you with the Chiefs of Staff or Legislative Directors of priority Democratic Senators and of course with Senate Republicans and House Democrats unaffected by the policy retreat. We would also be happy to arrange for media opportunities as well.

Hmmm, do you think the same media opportunities will be outside at the rally showing workers rallying that also interview NAM members inside the Senate and House offices? What an interesting juxtaposition that would be. Personally, I'd watch the evening news just to see that.

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