My Ex-Husband Just Called  

It's not news to anyone reading here, but it's news to me and I feel the need to put it into the ether.

My ex-husband called to tell me that his mother passed away today back home in Nigeria. I just don't have words. She was such a strong, amazing and lovely lady. She didn't speak any English, but always tried to make me feel like a part of the family, even when I wasn't anymore. She tried new things all the time. Years ago, I carved a pumpkin with my daughter and my nephews. I pulled out the seeds, cleaned them, salted them and roasted them. I offered, as is tradition, to my father-in-law first. He refused, they looked funny. My mother-in-law took the bowl from me and grabbed a few kernels. She ate them, hit him on the shoulder and told him to try them. He still refused and she took an entire handful and sat next to him, eating them one by one, slowly, munching them as he watched.

My father-in-law passed away a few years ago and she has been rather lonely since his passing. I am happy that her suffering and dialysis and other drugs and treatments are now at an end and that she can rest. I mourn her passing for all of those she has left behind, but I am so happy that she can now be at peace and start an entirely new journey. A journey that I hope is filled with love.

Blessed Be.

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