Sheet Metal Workers Have an Action on Employee Free Choice  

If you haven't already signed one of the petitions out there on the Employee Free Choice Act (I have, as if that's a surprise), perhaps you can take a minute and hit the one I just got from the Sheet Metal Workers!

Today, we took an important step towards restoring balance and fairness to our economy – the Employee Free Choice Act was introduced in BOTH the Senate and the House of Representatives.

But with both houses of Congress now considering the bill, there's no time to waste.

Corporate special interests are twisting arms, spending millions on misleading ads, and spreading lies and propaganda to block the bill. We’ve got to put relentless pressure on Congress before they debate and vote.

Your legislators need to hear from you today!

I love it when I can agree!! And I totally do; your Congressional Representatives and Senators NEED to hear from you on this subject, especially the way the right wing is spinning anti-worker 24/7. At this time, it'd be nice to have a little good news for workers. and what better news is there than solidarity? Hell No!!

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  • New Space for Women's Health  
    10:54 PM

    Dear Union Gal,

    I wanted to be in touch with the attached media advisory - I am working with an organization called Choices in Childbirth and we are holding a support rally for a woman who is presenting an appeal before the SEIU insurance appeals committee on March 18th. We have noticed an increasing number of denials for home birth services among self-insured organizations, and our membership has decided to use this appeal as an opportunity to encourage coverage for these services both at the SEIU and within the larger community.

    I'd be happy to talk to you further about our plans for the 18th; feel free to email me at this address or call at 212-867-9646.

    Many thanks,


    Rebecca Benghiat
    Executive Director
    New Space for Women's Health
    a project of Friends of the Birth Center


    Contact: Kelly Renn,, 212-867-9646


    Afternoon Hearing Will Determine Coverage for Union Employee’s Wife
    New York State Law Covers But SEIU Rejects

    NEW YORK – Choices in Childbirth, a New York City nonprofit that helps women make informed maternity decisions, is holding a rally to support a 3:00 PM hearing for Julie Finefrock. Ms. Finefrock is six months pregnant and medically eligible for a home-birth, which she has chosen for herself and her baby, but for which she has been denied coverage by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Ms. Finefrock’s husband is an SEIU employee and she is appealing her denial of coverage.

    Under New York state law, Ms. Finefrock would have the benefit of medical insurance coverage, yet SEIU, because it provides a self-insured health policy to its members, has found a loophole to exclude coverage for planned homebirth care via the Employee Retirement Income Support Act (ERISA). This federal law sets minimum standards for retirement and health benefit plans in private industry. Ms. Finefrock is asking SEIU to give her parity with non-union NY State residents and allow her to choose the medical care that evidence has shown is both safer and more economical than hospital birth.

    Choices in Childbirth has unfortunately found a growing number of self-insured corporations using this ERISA loophole. It is Choices in Childbirth’s belief that New York State residents deserve equal coverage regardless of their employment situation, and encourages the SEIU to support appropriate maternity care in line with that of New York State law.

    WHAT: Rally in support of appeal to the SEIU to cover home births, as New York State law permits

    WHERE: Outside SEIU 32BJ, 101 Avenue of the Americas

    WHEN: Wednesday, March 18th at 11:30–1:30; hearing is at 3 pm

    Choices in Childbirth
    At Choices in Childbirth, our mission is to improve maternity care by providing the public, especially childbearing women and their families, with the information necessary to make fully informed decisions relating to how, where, and with whom they will give birth.


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