20 Years Ago Yesterday, Pittston Remembered  

I was reading a post from Shirah (from Unbossed) on Dailykos about the Pittston strike. As I read the comments I found this one which I think everyone should read:

was one of many that participated in the Pittston strike.It was the best of times,and also worst of times.

The best of times was the support that was shown by other unions,the clergy,and other supporters.The brotherhood we shared,and the total dedication to a cause that we knew was right was a moving thing.

I along with more than two thousand others were also arrested because we believed in our cause.

The worst of times was the fear of not knowing if you would ever return to your job,if your family would have health care,or if you had a future.

It was very disturbing to watch a government assist a corporation to accomplish its goals.The state police lost a lot of respect by their actions on behalf of Pittston.

(note) I went to see Joe Biden at the Russell county fair grounds in September.I left saddened even though there was a nice crowd at least 95% were retiress,and their wives.Theres not many working miners left.

The entire piece on Pittston is really well worth the read.

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