Airline De-Regulation = Abysmal Failure  

If you're a frequent reader of this site, you know I love the analysis at Unbossed, this morning is no different:

That discussion includes the amount of savings on just ticket prices from airline deregulation. One study found it was $32 per ticket.

Weigh that against the impact / costs of deregulation, and the tradeoff is a poor one. We have seen an increase in fines for violating OSHA requirementsfor years - and that has been under the Bush OSHA!

We have also seen airline employee pensions gutted.

Thank goodness the airline employees are highly unionized. Their unions have been all that has stood between complete pauperization of the workers . . . leading to an egress of good workers and an influx of workers who could not find better jobs.

BTW, that emphasis was all from Shirah, I didn't add it. I highly recommend you head over and read up on deregulation. She's pulling together a 4 part series that takes a look back at a 2005 series that was up on Unbossed about Airline de-regulation.

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