This is America, Isn't It?  

I got an e-mail this morning. In the e-mail was an awesome story about a car dealership in Dearborn and their anger over Senator Shelby's anti-autoworker and anti-Detroit comments. But, that anger caused action and that's the real story! From the Detroit Free Press:

The dealership is running TV and radio ads that feature clips of Shelby making anti-Detroit Three comments.

"We're wasting our time trying to keep them alive," he is shown saying in one ad.

Co-owner Paul Stanford strikes back, asking: "I wonder if the good senator would tell us how much Japanese car companies who make cars in his state gave to his campaign?"

It's politicized content that mainline advertisers usually avoid. Stanford acknowledges the ads might be a little over the top, but added: "We're being vocal because I'm tired of being slapped around by politicians. Sen. Shelby is saying, 'The hell with the Big Three.' I think that's tragic, I really do."

Stanford, who runs the Michigan Avenue dealership with his brother, Gary, said he can't believe America's public officials are willing to let the domestic auto industry die. Not only because of the jobs and the industry's history of helping win World War II, but also for the manufacturing might the companies could provide in case of another national emergency.

Even the ad agency that created the ads seems to have felt equally as angry at Shelby:

The ads are the work of the Sussman Sikes agency in Southfield. Owner Alan Sussman, who describes himself as "the last angry man in America," said in the 1940s and 1950s, Shelby's anti-Detroit rhetoric would have been considered treason.

"What's wrong with an autoworker making $100,000?" Sussman asked. "This is America."

Speaking of the Stanfords, Sussman said: "It's not easy to stand up like they did. It took real cojones."

Oh, and BTW, seems to actually be working, sales are up for the month of March. Way to go! And Mr. Sussman, I don't see anything wrong with $100k salaries for autoworkers, it's the right wingers who do. They seem to think that if you aren't college educated and work and assembly line, there's something wrong with you. My dad's a tool and die maker, I can't imagine any of the anti-union anti-worker a-holes doing what my dad does on a daily basis, and doing it at 65 no less!!

Thanks Dearborn and also the Stanford brothers. Took some real balls to do what you did, nice to see someone has a pair!!

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