My Co-Worker Talks About Ed Schultz Show  

Well, so to speak. I doubt she actually watched the show, but for some reason she's talking to me about immigration and working.

Okay, so you've now seen the video from The Ed Show from yesterday. So, let's talk about Karen, my coworker.

She comes by my desk and says, "Did you hear about the idea of making sure everyone has an ID? I mean, even illegals?"

So, I'll bite, "WTF are you talking about?"

Karen: Think about it. If they have IDs, then they can also pay taxes.
Me: oh, okay. Can we make drugs legal too? I'd like to tax the hell out of the suppliers and products.
Karen: No, come on, I'm serious. If I have to pay 25% of my income in taxes, then they should, too. It's only fair.
Me: And balanced?
Karen: Ah, a Faux News jab, nice.
Me: Karen, it's interesting. I like the idea of ensuring that people who have come here legally have a path to citizenship.
Karen: Brilliant, isn't it?

So, Karen seems to be on to something that was discussed last night on the Ed Show, and I know she doesn't watch it, she doesn't get home in time. But I have to think the AFL-CIO and CtW are on to something here. Here's what Trumka said that kind of goes to what Karen was talking about:

Where do the unions, and in this deal, deal with those students that are here that are forced to go home?

TRUMKA: Well, first of all, that‘s called the status adjustment.

Look at them and see if they are actually needed and let them stay here.

They‘ve contributed. Many have stayed here for several years.

About 40 to 45 percent of the illegal immigrants in this country don‘t cross the border. They come in legally with visas and then just don‘t leave. So we need to have that adjusted as well so that workers—so a permanent underclass isn‘t created, those workers exploited, those exploited workers drive down wages for all workers.

She was arguing, in her very Karenesq way that immigrant workers shouldn't be exploited and be forced to live under the radar, because, when they do, they also don't pay taxes. Income or payroll taxes. She sees these things taken out of her pay check, she pays her taxes on or before April 15th every year and she only really wants the same for workers here.

I told her that CtW and the AFl-CIO were talking about this sort of thing too, but in a way that first protects US workers first, you know citizens. When we talk US workers, I mean every naturalized citizen and every native born one as well. I'm only 2nd Generation American. If my family hadn't gotten a legal shot at citizenship here, I'd probably be in Finland right now. But we did, and we all pay taxes (that I know of). Kind of like a blending of Karen's idea and that of the AFL-CIO and CtW. Who knew great minds could think so alike? I bet Karen did.

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