Ah, Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I've been so busy with life. I changed jobs and started taking classes for a Master's degree, and that doesn't even mention the single mom thing and how my kid graduated from High School last month and is hoping now to get into a study abroad program called NSLI-Y. See how busy, look at that run-on sentence I just wrote!

So, anyway, this is where I get to the title. I've been planning a graduation trip for my kid. My parents and I are taking her on a Disney transatlantic cruise and when we get to London on our way home, I had high hopes of getting to finally see Bill Bragg in concert. But I find out this:

The second annual fundraiser Harvest of Hope Foundation Music and Arts Festival, March 12-14th, 2010, located at the St. Johns County Fairgrounds in St. Augustine, Florida features a three day, multiple stage alternative music festival that is unique in many ways, but mostly because it is all to benefit and raise awareness for nonprofit charity Harvest of Hope Foundation.

The Harvest of Hope Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides financial, educational, and service oriented aid to migrant farm workers all over the country. The event emphasizes on being not only entertaining, but educational, family friendly and environmentally conscience. The HOH Fest showcases not only a large group of musicians who are donating much of their time and performances to the cause but will also showcase a variety of progressive artists, local vendors and a nonprofit “educational center” that will help raise awareness for the many issues surrounding Migrant Farmworkers and their families.

I love that he's doing this amazing concert next weekend in Florida for Immigrant workers. I do, I love it. I have just got to say, that I have the worst fucking timing. Can I just say that? I can't go to Florida to see him and I can't see him in England. What the Fuck?!?!

Anyway, if you can make it next weekend to St. Augustine Floriday, highly recommend you make it to the Punk, Indie, grassroots music festival and someone, could ya tell Billy "hey" from me, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

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