Sunday Morning Talk-ing-out-your-ass Shows  

It's been a very long time since I was able to hold my nose, turn off my brain and watch the Sunday morning talk shows. I know, it's not just me, but with Health Care, the economy and jobs the arguably top stories of the day, this Sunday hosts folks like Disgraced Former Majority Whip Tom DeLay (isn't he still awaiting trial or did he plead out?), Orrin Hatch (when was the last original thought that came out his mouth?) and some Jackass from the National Review who recently was taken to task for LYING in an op-ed? These are the many guests we have to look forward to? Really?

Why is it Richard Trumka, James Hoffa, or even Andy Stern not on these shows? If we're talking jobs, why not Hilda Solis? Personally, I'd much rather hear what Leo Gerard has to say about the state of manufacturing than what might spill from the orifices of DeLay. And if you're reading this site and can't identify the names I just wrote, ask yourself, when was the last time you read a story about working Americans and it even noted the good that labor unions do to keep Americans at work?

Sunday talk is just that, talk. And until they start addressing real issues with real discussion and not dumb sound bites, I just don't think I'll bother wasting my time on them. I'd much rather unclog a drain or fix the garbage disposal. I'm a working American, these are the kinds of things I do. I bet they're the kind of things you do as well.

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