I'm Solidly for Obama  

Mostly this has to do with the UNITE-HERE endorsement and the work that Obama did for worker rights in Chicago pre-Presidential bid.

So, when the Culinary Union called Clinton on the law suit, well, my ears perked up and I thought, damn straight. No cherry picking unions anymore. And Clinton is DECIDELY anti-union. So, when are we going to get it that we can't support candidates who are out to destroy all the ground we've gained over the past 200 years?!

So, here's their flyer care of the Las Vegas Sun. And a 2nd flyer as well!

And, if you get a chance, check out the discussion.

One of my favorite comments:

Why am i not surprised the Clintons are behind this move. They're trying to make a deliberate effort to suppress minority turn out for Obama: its a slap in the face to black and latino voters. This is the reason why voters are cynical about the voting process. But voters are much smarter than the Clintons and their supporters think.


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